Wednesday, December 11, 2013

SEAT participation at Food & Agricultural Ethics Conference (APSAFE 2013)

The 1st International Conference of the Asia Pacific Society for Food and Agricultural Ethics (APSAFE) was conducted during 28-30 November 2013 at Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok. Two SEAT project partners, namely WP8 Coordinator University of Bergen, Norway and Partner 9 Kasetsart University (Faculty of Fisheries) were involved in organizing this conference. They worked together with the main organizing institutes at Chulalongkorn University, namely the Center for Ethics of Science and Technology (CEST) of the Faculty of Arts, and the Office of the Commission on Agricultural Resource and Education (OCARE). 

Prof Matthias Kaiser from U of Bergen was one of the key note speakers, presenting a paper on "Food Ethics Between Food Safety and Food Security - Challenges and Methods". In his presentation, he mentioned the ethical framework followed by SEAT Project which studied the ethical aspects of aquaculture trade. He also chaired the session on Food Security and Policy. 

Dr Scott Bremer, also from U of Bergen, presented a paper on "Exploring the Social and Ethical Issues of Genetically Modified Animals in India", which he co-wrote with M. Kaiser, N. Wright, K. Millar and G.J. Pakki Reddy. 

Kasetsart University SEAT Project PI Dr Kriengkrai Satapornvanit was one of the organizers, serving under the scientific program committee.

Both Prof Kaiser and Dr Satapornvanit are founding members of the Asia Pacific Society for Food and Agricultural Ethics (APSAFE). Their working partnership was a result of working together under the SEAT Project wherein ethical issues in aquaculture production and trade were studied.

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